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Modular Sign Systems

A tried and tested method of achieving successful wayfinding solutions is the use of modular sign systems.

At Halo we have a number of systems that can be used to provide a coherent and consistent approach. It is important to remember that wayfinding signage must also take into account the inclusion of DDA signage, If this is something you require and we will incorporate all elements specified including Braille and Tactile surfaces into your signage plan.

Whether working  directly for the brand or through an appointed design agency, confidentiality will always remain of the upmost importance during the process. We believe effective Retail branding starts above the front door! When executed correctly it will draw and attract customers attention to you, your products and any special offers  you may be running.

At Halo we are extremely Lucky! We consider the team at our disposal is the very best. The technical ability and industry experience on hand is vitally important when producing faultless Signage solutions for you and/or your clients.


If you are in need of modular sign systems we would be delighted to help.

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