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Wood Printing – Plywood Printing | OSB Printed | MDF Prints

How to print on Plywood

Halo, UV direct print, and screen print on Plywood, MDF, OSB, and various natural wood.

Our fast, economical wood printing service, provides the ideal solution for all your photographic, signage and display printing needs.
We provide stunning large format print on wood for clients across the UK.

Create unique and impactful wood interior or exterior displays, for exhibition or point of sale (POS).
Your printed wood projects printed direct in full colour digital or screen printed.
By supplying both UV printing on wood, and screen printing on wood, enables us to offer you the very best options available.
Our printing on wood UK service, achieves eye catching effects, natural and organic, with the real wood grain retaining through printed areas.

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wood slat printing

Our flatbed printers for wood produce quality prints every time, ensuring the best results for your print direct to wood projects.
With fine art quality, we can print photos, graphics and illustrations in full colour, with optional white ink or varnish added to give your images that extra pop.
Using high quality UV stabilised inks for beautifully vibrant and fade resistant wood prints.
Printing to a maximum sheet size of up to 2440 x 1220mm, even on substrates up to 100mm thick.

Printing on Plywood

We’re able to print directly to a range of woods and laminates, with the most common being plywood printing.
One of the biggest interior trends to emerge in recent years is engineered wood products, such as plywood, being used as a final finish.
In the past, plywood had been used primarily as part of building structure. Now, however, more and more people are recognising that printed plywood sheets can actually look rather beautiful.

How to print on Plywood

We take plain, ordinary plywood, and transform into a stunning printed plywood display.
Large format printing onto plywood, allows the wood colour and subtle grain to become part of the image for a more rustic feel.


OSB Printing

Have you ever considered using printed OSB as a sign or display option?
That rough construction product that doesn’t look pretty in it’s pre-finished state!
But, this board is strong and durable and the unique makeup of the strands creates a surprisingly nice design that really pops when printed. Long hidden away, OSB traditionally viewed as useful for nothing more than construction are now being allowed to shine. The raw beauty of this functional material is currently in vogue — and for good reason.


OSB uses chips (or strands) of wood rather than continuous veneers, which are lined up at right angles to one another (or oriented) to make the board strong in all directions.
Adhesives are added to the wood flakes before they are compressed into a board and coated with sealant to protect the material from moisture.
Not only does this ‘ordinary’ material offer some considerable cost savings over conventionally display materials, but also offer striking results too.


Natural Wood Printing

Natural wood is wood which was produced naturally (ie. grown as a tree), and which has not been chemically treated. This can include chemical drying, painting, pressure treating, or any other form of artificial modification to the wood beyond simply drying and cutting it.

wood printing

Cut To Shape

Furthermore, our CNC routing and cutting facility offer us to cut substrates to any shape and machine wood to your exact specifications.

As part of our continued investment in production equipment ensures your wood printing projects are printed quickly, and to the highest standards.


Halo Signs stock many substrate of various thicknesses, this enables us to turnaround our wood printing fast.
We are confident our prices can match any like for like quote across any volume.
If you are looking for high volume bulk wood trade printing, our team are on hand to assist in your direct printing on wood requirements.

natural wood printing

If you need wood printing we would be delighted to help.


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