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Artwork Guidelines

The right graphic design approach will maximise the impact of your branding. The design of attractive, professional and consistent marketing material is critical to delivering your message clearly and effectively to the outside world.

Digital Prints / Full-Colour Images

Acceptable digital print file types include high resolution JPG, PSD, AI, EPS and PDF formats.
Please note that most web images will be unacceptable for high resolution prints. Logos or images taken from a website look great on screen, but won’t work for large format printing. Vector files such as adobe illustrator can scale to any size with no loss of quality.

We use the latest technologies to produce artwork or prepare your designs ready for print.

Whether you require 3D drawings, visualisations or all of our pre-press services, our in-house design and production team are always on hand to assist or offer expert advice.

Solid-Colour / Cut Vinyl Images

Vector or line art types include AI, EPS and PDF.


If you need any help with artwork we would be delighted to help.

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