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Glass Manifestation | Window Graphics | Glass Legislation & DDA Compliance Markings


Glass Manifestation may now be a requirement by law, but a health & safety necessity can be transformed into a welcoming brand manifestation for your work space.

A window manifestation is a efficient, cost-effective opportunity of creating something that is essential, into a creative corporate branding identity for your signs on glass.

The legislation in place is to prevent people from walking into plain glass. Applied where there is a possibility of people causing themselves injury, ensuring glass is clearly visible in preventing accidents.

Our traditional manifestation for glass is created using a frosted vinyl film, with simple patterns such as squares, circles or stripes.
The appearance of the film provides the glass with an etched frosted effect finish.

As well as standard frosted and etch films, we stock many coloured, opaque, transparent and translucent films.

frosted glass window manifestation graphics
cut frosted glass window manifestation graphics

Designs can feature company logos or bespoke patterns, with full colour options available to match branding specifications.

Manifestations are an ideal way of adding privacy within public or private spaces, such as meeting rooms, collaborative work spaces and breakout areas.
Maintaining the required level of visual privacy from extended office environment. Glass manifestation Essex.


Need some inspiration?

Our team would be happy to help you create the window graphic manifestation you are looking for.

  • Glass Partition Manifestation
  • Reception Areas
  • Showrooms
  • Breakout Areas
  • Blast Protection
  • Privacy Films
  • Solar UV Control
  • Safety & Security
  • Glass Turnstiles
Printed Glass Manifestation Logo
Frosted Glass Manifestation

A well designed manifestation can sharpen a brand, and create a more stimulating workplace.
With our design team and CAD cutting equipment, glass manifestation designs are created with perfect detail.

Halo have many years experience in the design and installation of interior glass manifestation graphics. Projects requiring design, planning and regular consultation with clients.

Our professional installers operating throughout the UK. Glass Manifestation London. 

manifestation London. 

frosted glass manifestation
translucent window manifestation
Glass Door Sign
Glass Manifestation Logo
printed vision mesh window graphics
shop window graphics
printed shop window graphics
office glass window manifestation graphics

If you need window graphics we would be delighted to help


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