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At Halo we have been producing all types of screen printing for over 30 years. Although modern techniques have overtaken on some aspects "The art which is traditional Silk Screen Printing is still strong".

Silk Screen Printing for clients all over the UK

At Halo Signs we have been silk screen printing in Essex for over 30 years. We produce quality printing to a wide range of substrates and goods.

We use several special ink types, colours and brands in our silk screen printing process. PVC ink for plastics. Two Pack ink for metals. Water based ink for papers and cards. Plastisol ink for clothing. Also discharge ink for garment decoration. Brand colours matched to specific Pantone and RAL colours, all mixed in-house. Our experts are on hand to advise to achieve the best possible results. Positive films, stencils and screens all made in-house. Designs supplied by yourself, or chosen from our database of pre-made designs. Our designers produce PDFs, emailed to you for approval with all orders. Any amendments to artwork made until you are 100% satisfied.


Screen printing amounts to 50% of our workload. A large amount centred on point-of-sale shop displays, and telecoms sector. Printing single prototypes to production runs of thousands. We print to many client supplied chassis’s, panels and parts. We work with many blue chip brands and agencies. Working close with you to achieve the best results to your tight deadlines.


Metals, plastics and composites

Screen printing even works on unusual shapes, with special jigs anything is possible in the world of screen printing. Because of it’s sharp edge quality, screening is great for fine detail jobs. While large runs of identical graphics are most often printed less expensively then digital processes. Even though the digital revolution has changed the world of graphics. But that doesn’t mean that we should forget screen printing. In fact ensuring durable prints silk screen printing is a prime candidate.

We print to many medias and substrates. For example vinyl, perspex, plastics, metal, woods, leather, paper and garments. We accept your PDF, AI and EPS files reducing lead times and setup costs.

screen print panel

If you are looking for quality silk screen printing we would be delighted to help


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