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External Wayfinding

At Halo we have a long and proven track record in the provision of Wayfinding Signage. Assisting people to find their way is a fundimental aspect of our industry and as such we take great pride in providing the very best solutions.

Through careful research and planning we provide our clients with wayfinding solutions including in-house design service, sign development along with print production, manufacturing and installation. Our start to finish project management approach ensures that you will have a wayfinding program and signage to be proud of. Because we have the experience and resources to handle your project from concept through installation we are well placed to provide exceptional value for money and cost effective solutions.

At Halo we create wayfinding schemes from initial concepts to the production and fabrication of the finished product. Throughout the entire proces we keep one eye on the clients specific requirements and branding to ensure all the boxes are ticked. Because of this we are, on occassions, brought in as a specialist strategic partner, teaming up with many of our design agency friends.


If you are in need of external wayfinding we would be delighted to help.

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