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Plant Branding

Commercial Vehicle and Plant Branding are without doubt the cheapest advert your business will every make.


Your companies plant and commercial vehicles were no doubt very expensive, at Halo we believe that they should never stop working. Effective vehicle and plant branding allow you staff to drive your message to and from work .

Produced and installed with materials that work whatever the conditions. Van and lorry graphics become very good advertising sites and promotional platforms.

At Halo we ensure that we use the latest high end technologies, that way we can ensure the high-quality results that our clients have com to expect.

Our range of sophisticated products and professional expertise gives you bespoke solutions to transform your vehicle. So let your brand be seen on the move and be one step ahead of the game with a clear, confident visual display.


If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles and/or Heavy Plant that could benefit from effective branding we would be delighted to help.

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