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Direct to substrate

At Halo we love a challenge, So testing the capabilities of the Jetrix KX5 is almost a hobby here! Wood, Perspex, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Canvas, Slate.

The Direct to substrate printing in Essex along with Direct to Composite and Direct to Foamex and Direct to Acrylic printing is where we strive to excel. At Halo Signs we take great pride in our ability to print to DiBond, Print to Foamex, Print to Acrylic as well as this our  process can be applied to a huge range of materials up to several inches thick and up to 2-3 meters wide.

The UV inks used are extremely durable and water resistant and as a result can even be installed as external displays.

At Halo we think that Direct to Substrate printing has the ability to turn a series of internal graphics into an art installation.


Wide Format

At Halo Signs headquarters in Braintree in Essex Our in-house flatbed printer will print onto almost any substrate including printing onto wood, paper, printing onto glass, printing onto metal, and many others.

All of our direct to substrate printing is UV cured during the printing process meaning that the output is available for use immediately without drying time.

Additionally, as the system will print direct to substrates up to 100mm thick, no mounting onto board is required, providing a fast turn around for your work.

Our direct to substrate coverage is:Direct to to substrate printers in Essex, Direct to substrate printers in Braintree and Direct to substrate printers in Chelmsford.

DiBond - Printed

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